Wifi 6 and Wifi speed tips, and a COVID-19 Facebook reaction

Wifi is about to get an upgrade

The FCC has voted to open up the 6 GHz spectrum to Wifi. It’s all very technical, but basically there will be less interference and faster speeds. If you’re considering buying a new router, it may pay to wait, with Wifi 6E routers expected to launch by the end of the year.

Usually routers are equipped with both 2.5 GHz and 5GHz signal. Some routers will automatically bounce between the two of them to get you the best signal, but others have two wifi networks and you need to choose. Use 2.5GHz for a strong signal over a greater range, but lower speeds. Use 5 GHz for faster speeds, but poorer range.

With Coronavirus, Facebook has a new way to react to posts

It’s hard choosing what emoji to respond with to a post – sometimes a ‘like’ could be taken the wrong way especially when there is is a global pandemic and people are facing hardship.

Facebook is rolling out a new ‘cares’ emoji reaction option globally next week. It’s a gender neutral emoji hugging a heart. Facebook Messenger will get a new beating heart emoji soon too.

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