Benefits of the iPhone SE, Legacy systems slowing down US unemployment cash

Apple’s new phone is more affordable

You’re going to be trading away a few features, but this is a great phone for anyone who wants to stay in the Apple eco-system but doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars.

It’s the new Apple iPhone SE.

It comes in black, white, and red. Starts at NZ $799 compared to the iPhone 11 that starts at NZ $1349.

A great lesson on why you should keep your systems at work up to date

When you build systems, then don’t maintain or upgrade them (which let’s face it, is expensive!) you end up with an issue when you want to make changes.

In 12 US states, the software running unemployment offices is so old, people don’t know the programming language anymore. It’s not holding up under the pressure. Some of those sates have had to put out a plea for COLBOL programmers to help.. like they did with retired healthcare workers.

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