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  1. Critical security flaw in Windows patched; Branson blasts off Sunday audio

    This week: If you own a PC, you need to install a security update now; Branson is off to space this weekend in his rocket plane

  2. Windows 11 announced; The Tamagotchi returns as a watch audio

    This week: Get ready for some changes to your PC; You’ll need to enter a lottery to get the new Tamagotchi

  3. What’s coming to your iPhone, iPad and Mac audio

    This week: Apple’s new features for 2021 have been announced at their developer conference

  4. Facebook bans Donald Trump for two years audio

    This week: Donald Trump’s off Facebook through the midterm elections but will be back in time for the Presidential Election

  5. Learning from the Waikato DHB hack; Password protect your Google activity audio

    This week: Another good reason to check before you click; You can finally password protect your Google history

  6. Biden takes the new electric F-150 for a spin; Pfizer’s vaccine will now be easier to distribute audio

    This week: Move over Tesla, Ford’s hitting the electric scene; Pfizer’s covid vaccine doesn’t require ultra cool temperatures

  7. Gas prices spike and supply slows following hack; Clubhouse creates structured content audio

    This week: Hackers forced the closure of one of America’s vital fuel pipelines; Clubhouse is trying to create shows.

  8. Trump’s Facebook ban is upheld.. for now audio

    This week: Facebook’s Oversight Board sends the decision back to Facebook

  9. Lime launches Mopeds in NYC; Word’s new font; Amazon adds billions in profit audio

    This week: First there were Lime Scooters, now there are Lime Mopeds; Microsoft Word is changing its default font; Amazon is crushing it.

  10. Apple’s launched a brand new product: AirTag audio

    This week: If you lose things, or want some added peace of mind, then Apple’s AirTag is for you.