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  1. Zoom wants to power the next generation of live video apps audio

    This week: Zoom’s expanding their reach with the launch of an SDK

  2. Instagram for kids; Powerpoint gives presentation pointers; YouTube launches Shorts audio

    This week: Instagram is exploring a kids version of the app; Microsoft Powerpoint can now coach you to be a better presenter; YouTube’s trying to make a TikTok clone.

  3. A Federal Vaccine Finder is coming; Digital artwork sells for $69 million audio

    This week: The federal government is finally building a website to help people get vaccinated; Beeple makes bank

  4. Becoming a Twitter “Super Follower”; Captions on Zoom; Phone Lyft for a ride audio

    This week: Twitter moves towards memberships and communities; Zoom meetings get accessible; Lyft has reinvented calling a taxi.

  5. My experience with Covid-19; Facebook & Google & Australia go to battle audio

    This week: It happened. I got COVID-19; Facebook & Google & Australia’s government battle over how to fund media

  6. Apple’s secret plans for the iCar; Enjoy the atmosphere of a virtual bar audio

    This week: Rumors are flying that Apple is building a car; Miss going to a bar? There’s an app for that..

  7. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is stepping down from CEO; Uber’s now delivering booze audio

    This week: A Bezo-less future at Amazon; Uber acquires Drizly

  8. Gamestop blows up Robinhood; Amazon’s vaccine delivery offer audio

    This week: It’s the internet vs Wall Street as GameStop stocks soar; Amazon offers President Biden its help to distribute vaccines

  9. Biden’s Twitter reset; Trump’s Facebook ban heads for a review audio

    This week: Twitter has changed the rules on Biden; Facebook’s review board will decide if former President Trump’s ban was warranted.

  10. How the US government was hacked; Protecting your accounts from hackers audio

    This week: The more details that come out, the worse this hack on the US government is getting; Spend your holiday downtime cleaning up your digital life.