Making your iPhone work when wearing a mask, Oscars for home release movies

Now we’re all wearing masks, Apple wants to make it easier to unlock your phone..

Remember the whole reason TouchID and then FaceID exist were to make it as seamless as possible to get into your phone.. but now FaceID is useless if you’re wearing a mask. 

So Apple has had to rethink how the unlocking process works again. They’re testing changes to iOS so you don’t need to wait for FaceID to fail before you can enter your password. Unfortunately there isn’t public release date just yet.

COVID-19 has changed the criteria for Oscar nominations?

With movie theaters closed, the film studios are having to skip them, and go direct to consumers. They’re going straight to at home rentals, at home purchases and putting them on streaming services but that would usually mean they can’t be nominated for an Oscar.

Remember the Oscars are awards for the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science — and they think the best way to experience a movie is to see it at the theatre.. so usually a film has to screen in a theatre in LA for a set number of days and even sessions per day. Now, they’ve waived that for the moment, as long as the movie had a previously scheduled theatrical release.

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