Learning from the Waikato DHB hack; Password protect your Google activity

Another good reason to check before you click

Ransomware is usually added to a system by an individual. There was a very good chance that someone either clicked on a bad link, or opened a bad file (it could even be a Word or Excel doc) which infected the network. It only takes one person to do this. It’s crucial that people are on the lookout for phishing scams – you should be very careful about opening things sent to you by unknown senders. These actors will sometimes appear to be legitimate by emulating well known brands, but you need to be on the lookout for that too. 

You can finally password protect your Google history

Google has a rather transparent activity page which shows you all the things you’ve searched for, videos you’ve watched, places you’ve been, things you’ve said to your google assistant and more.. but it’s always been quite easy to access which is obviously problematic for a vast range of reasons.

Now though, you can be forced to re-login before you see that activity. That way you need to verify your identity before getting to see what could be very sensitive data. It’s a setting you should turn on today.

To do that, activity.google.com and you’ll be prompted through it.

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