Biden takes the new electric F-150 for a spin; Pfizer’s vaccine will now be easier to distribute

Move over Tesla.. Ford’s hitting the electric scene

Not just with any car, but America’s best selling vehicle the F-150. It’s a massive ute – known over here as a “pickup truck” – which has the same shape people love and is less than $40,000 USD brand new. There’s hope that this model will be the magic that pulls the masses over to electric.. so much so it’s being compared to Ford’s Model T which did the same thing with petrol automobiles in 1908.

Electric cars are much cheaper to maintain, so now that the up front cost has lowered it’s making it much more attractive. It can drive around 370km on a single charge, gets from 0 to 100 km/hr in around 4.5 seconds, has 11 power outlets for devices/appliances and with no large gas motor it’s got even more storage under the ‘hood’ aka the “frunk”.

Here’s the coolest thing – when it’s on the high power charger hooked up to your house, and your house loses power due to a storm or heatwave – your car starts powering your house.

Pfizer’s covid vaccine doesn’t require ultra cool temperatures

One of the biggest challenges with these new high-tech mRNA vaccines are that they require ultra cold storage but Pfizer now says that’s only needed for the long term storage. For up to two weeks they can now be stored at regular freezer temperatures of between -25°C to -15°C.

This is amazing news because it will make distribution to remote areas much easier now they can use more conventional storage.

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