Voting on your phone, Google’s detox Envelope, Bing forced on Chrome

In Seattle, you’ll be able to do democracy on your phone

You won’t be able to vote for the President.. but you will be able to vote for what’s effectively Seattle’s city council. It’s being done to try and combat crazy low voter numbers. Less than 1% of registered voters bothered to vote in past years so hopefully if it’s easier, more people will do it?

Google has developed a way to have a digital detox

Google has created what they’re calling ‘Envelope’ for one of their Pixel phones. You use paper to create an envelope then activate an app. The app severely limits the function of the phone. Through the paper of your envelope you’ll only be able to make calls, take calls and see the time. Otherwise, you phone is a paper brick.

Microsoft has found a way to get Chrome users to use Bing

This won’t take much guesswork, but it’s not voluntarily. Chrome – made by Google – usually uses Google as its default search. Microsoft has Bing Search and it wants people to use it. So.. it’s bundling a Chrome extension with a version of the “Office Installer” which IT admins use to make Bing the default.

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  1. Fred Headley Avatar
    Fred Headley

    I’m amazed, I must say. The issue is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about.

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