Google spreading Coronavirus information, Apple’s new Maps, MyWifiSign makes connecting easy

Google is helping spread facts on Coronavirus

Now that the WHO has declared this a worldwide emergency, Google has activated what they call an SOS alert. Now any search related to the Coronavirus will come with information from the WHO including advisory information, frequently asked questions and safety tips.

Apple is releasing its new maps

Google is known as the authority for online maps.. but Apple is now upping their game. They’ve spent a billion dollars rebuilding their map app. They sent cars on the streets and planes in the air with radars and other sensors to gather data to build much richer and more detailed maps. Apple was embarrassed with the original Maps launch, it was a disaster. The data was terrible. This is their comeback. It starts in the US. Europe is next.

A solution if you struggle with your wifi password

To connect your phone you’ll just need to hold your phone’s camera up to a QR code. It’s a fancy barcode that can contain lots of information, including the details of your wifi. You can make one with a very handy new tool at:

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