The re-launched Microsoft Edge, An answer on editing tweets, IG’s direct messages for web, The iPhone is staying locked

Microsoft’s new Internet browser is rolling out

It’ still called Microsoft Edge, but it’s got a whole new type of technology that’s powering it. It’s actually the same technology that Google uses for Chrome – because Google has made it open-source.

Chrome is seen by the industry as being highly performant, but also lets people install one of millions of Chrome extensions.

We’ve got an answer to when we’re getting the edit button for Twitter

Jack Dorsey, the CEO, said with a faint smile: “The answer is no. They’ve considered it, but nope. Guess we’ll need to just live with the typos now.

Instagram’s direct messages are coming to web

They’ve rolled it out to their first test audience.

This first version will not be encrypted end to end – which is Facebook’s plan for all its messaging services. That launch date (and how to actually do it) is still TBD.

Apple has once again been asked to unlock the iPhone of a suspected criminal

And once again they have said no. They don’t want to provide a way to break the encryption of the device because they say if they do that, then other people can do that too.

They have though handed over backups of the iPhone which were stored on iCloud.

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