How the US government was hacked; Protecting your accounts from hackers

The more details that come out, the worse this hack on the US government is getting

How’d they do it? In simple terms, the hackers managed to infiltrate some very trusted software while it was being developed. They added malicious code undetected then the trusted software was deployed as normal. Once it was running on government networks, the malicious software was activated and started sending data back to the hackers camouflaged by the trusted software’s name.

US government agencies and branches of the military have all been infiltrated. Major Fortune 100 companies are also on the list.

President Donald Trump hasn’t addressed this at all. Incoming President Joe Biden is going to need to deal with this.

Spend your holiday downtime cleaning up your digital life

Change your passwords or, even better, start using a password manager

Turn on 2 Factor Authentication on your email account.

Make sure your files are backed up.

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