Apple’s $550 headphone surprise; Driverless cars are on San Francisco roads

Apple’s expensive holiday surprise for fanboys

It was a genuine apple surprise – the AirPod Max headphones were announced on Monday.. just in time for Christmas shopping!

But the price tag is wild. Even tech’s biggest geeks were shocked at needing to spend $550 on the latest gadget. That’s almost the price of the iPhone 11! Don’t forget the $35 cable to allow you to plug them into a 3.5mm audio jack! 

In true Apple style, they don’t have a power button. Instead they turn off when they’re not on your head and go into an ultra low power mode when in their case.

The early reviews so far say they sound as good as other premium headphones.. just that they’re more expensive. One reviewer said the aluminium shell looked like plastic – ouch.

Cars are test-driving themselves in San Francisco

Cruise, one of the self-driving car ventures, is now testing fully driverless cars in a dense urban environment. There’s no one behind the steering wheel, but there is a safety operator in the vehicle who can press an emergency button to stop the car. There’s also a team back at HQ watching a live feed who can do the same thing.

It’s taken over 2 million miles, five years of rigorous testing to get to this point. There are some rules though.. there are only allowed to be five driverless vehicles on specified streets.. and they can only go 30 mph.

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