Biden’s Twitter reset; Trump’s Facebook ban heads for a review

Twitter has changed the rules on Biden

When Trump took over from Obama the official Presidential and Vice-Presidential accounts, among others, were transferred to their new owners with the followers attached. Not so for Biden – they need to start fresh. 

The @POTUS account had 33 million followers and @WhiteHouse had 26 million.

Facebook’s review board will decide if former President Trump’s ban was warranted

Facebook has established what it calls an Oversight Board which outsources the decisions of moderation to a third party. Think of it like a Supreme Court for Facebook – people can appeal to the board if they don’t like Facebook’s decision.

This board is independent and there to make sure that the policies are adhered to consistently. It’s got 40 members from around the world with expertise in freedom of expression, human rights, constitutional law and journalism. Their decision is binding.

So Facebook is requesting that they review their decision to kick Donald Trump from their platforms. They’re confident they made the right decision, but because it sets a precedent they want a ruling from the board.

It was only established a few months ago so this will be its first proper test. 

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