Tesla’s building Australia’s second big battery; Disappearing WhatsApp messages

The Victorian Big Battery will replace coal generators

Australia’s move away from fossil fuels is taking another big step forward with the plan to install the Victorian Big Battery. It’ll be one of the biggest in the world.It’s designed to stabilize Victoria’s power supply. In summer when there are electricity demand peaks coal powered generators kick in to help supply electricity but when this new battery gets online, they’ll be able to use stored renewable energy.

Unlike South Australia’s Tesla powerpack battery launched in 2017 in 100 days, these will use Tesla’s new product called Megapacks – fully assembled clusters of batteries.

Victoria has a goal of sourcing 50% of its electricity generation from renewables by 2030.

WhatsApp’s new feature will delete messages after seven days

You can now turn on a feature which will automatically delete messages from one-on-one and group conversations after seven days. They picked that number so you had relevant information saved long enough to be useful and still had context for the (slow) conversation.

It’ll also delete any shared photos and videos.. BUT it won’t totally save you.There is a feature to automatically save media to your device, so that won’t be deleted.

People can still copy and paste the messages and save them elsewhere.. or just take a screenshot.

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