Find a bathroom on-demand; Tech giants still up, despite the pandemic

Wizz helps Uber drivers and other gig workers find a bathroom

There almost isn’t a type of service that isn’t available on-demand in the US.. getting a meal delivered, hanging a picture frame, restocking the booze cabinet, getting a lift somewhere.. but what do the estimated 55 million gig workers do if they’re out and about and need to go to the bathroom? Especially in a pandemic when lots of public restrooms are closed? 

Now they can open Wizz.

Whizz has been developed “by gig workers for gig workers” to not only help find them a restroom, but a meal too. They can use the app to get access to a nearby restaurant’s bathroom and get a discount on a meal for while they’re there. A win/win. 

The tech giants are still raking in the cash

What recession?! Just take a look at these numbers..

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