Playstation 5 pranks; Free Google storage to be limited; SpaceX to lift-off

Girlfriend’s are pranking their boyfriends

The PlayStation 5 is a hot hot commodity at the moment and a new Instagram lense allows you to place a virtual PlayStation 5 box anywhere you like.. so at your front door, at the foot of your bed, in the kitchen.. and then you can send that picture to an unassuming partner. You can also send their response to social media.. and those responses have been joy, excitement and disbelief that their girlfriend would be so nice to them.

Google is starting to limit how much storage you get for free

Google Photos currently allows you to store an unlimited number of photos – it’s one of the reasons that people love it so much.  But as of June 21, 2021, any NEW photos you upload will start to be counted towards your 15GB Google account storage. 
Once you start to go over that, you’ll need to start paying.The same rule also applies to NEW or modified files in your Google Drive folder from June 21, 2021.Also, if you;re over your storage limits and not paying, then Google may delete files or documents you haven’t touched in some time.

Instagram is changing up its home screenIt’s going to make it easier to access their Reels and Shop offerings. Reels is the TikTok competitor and Shop is something IG has been building up for some time now to allow people to buy products directly in IG. You can even tag items in photos for people to shop like an interactive catalogue.What makes this more sneaky, is that they’ve put these new icons in the spots where the ‘create’ button used to be! Muscle memory is going to be a mission.
Instagram is fast becoming ‘Facebook 2’.

Space fans, there’s another SpaceX liftoff this weekend

The test earlier this year sending two astronauts to the ISS was a success, so now four astronauts are headed there on a SpaceX rocket. It’s only SPaceX’s second time sending humans on their rockets. Crew-1 will also be the longest-duration human spaceflight mission ever launched from US soil expected to be at the ISS for half a year. The previous record was 84 days.
The launch is planned for 7:49 p.m. EST on Saturday.. so 1:49pm Sunday NZT.

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