Fleets are the new way to Tweet; Instagram’s home screen gets a redesign

Fleets are disappearing Tweets.. or they’re Twitter’s version of Stories

Twitter says the fleets make people feel more comfortable posting, knowing it disappears. They tested this first in Brazil.. then Italy, India and South Korea before rolling it out globally this week.

It’s also a way to try and stop harassment. The idea is that knowing that the messages are sent directly to someone and not public for others to see and ‘like’ makes it less appealing.

Instagram’s home screen has been redesigned to make it easier to access their Reels and Shop offerings

Reels is the TikTok competitor and Shop is something IG has been building up for some time now to allow people to buy products directly in IG. You can even tag items in photos for people to shop like an interactive catalogue.

What makes this more sneaky, is that they’ve put these new icons in the spots where the ‘create’ button used to be! Muscle memory is going to be a mission.

Instagram is fast becoming ‘Facebook 2’.

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