Ads on Netflix; US government looking to ban Huawei

Netflix reveals how much you’ll pay to watch with ads 

In the USA the new “Basic with Ads” plan will be $6.99 a month, saving folks around $3 a month. It won’t allow downloads or offline viewing, and won’t offer 4K content, or multiple devices. Expect 4-5 minutes of ads an hour, ads will be 15-30 seconds in length, and they’ll be both before and during the show.

It’s launching in 12 countries in November, but not in NZ just yet. 

US government looking to ban Huawei 

The FCC has prepared a draft order according to CNN sources, which would block sales of their new telco equipment in the US on national security grounds. The FCC today needs to sign off on any device which emits a frequency before it’s sold, to prevent harm.

This is in direct response to President Joe Biden’s Secure Equipment Act signed last year. 

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