Google’s first Pixel Watch; Elon Musk’s Twitter deal back on

Google is getting into the smart-watch business

This week they announced their first ever Pixel Watch. They bought Fitbit last year for $2.1 billion and that tech is front and center in the new watch. It’s a circular design which differentiates it from the Apple watch, boasts a 24 hour battery and has all the health tracking Fitbit offers such activity tracking, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. It integrates with Google’s other services too like the Google Wallet.

It’s unlikely to grab market share from the Apple Watch because you’d need an Android phone to pair with it, but it is another reason for Android users to stick with their Androids built by Google. 

Google announced new Pixel phones too which come with new camera features, an improved screen, and longer-lasting battery. 

Elon is going to buy Twitter after all 

For the price he agreed. So for now, that means the court case is on pause, Elon is now securing his funding, and the deal will happen before October 28 or it will end up in court.

What a messy and unnecessary debacle. His friend’s text messages are all over the press, he has damaged his brand, and he still needs to buy it. 

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