Elon Musk’s plan to fire most of Twitter; A $40,000 iPhone

Elon’s bold plan to fire 75% of Twitter’s staff

The Washington Post reports that’s his message to investors as he secures funding to buy Twitter before October 28. He wants to stack rank employees and cut the bottom. The company had planned to cut 25% of its staff before Elon’s bid, but this is three times that already large number.  
What would it mean? Probably less of a focus on moderation, trust, safety and security? Maybe less stability of the service too? 

Dig around in your drawers, because an original iPhone just fetched $40,000 at auction 

See mum, this is why you keep the packaging! Like a relic frozen in time since 2007, it was in its original packaging, unopened, and, at the time, was worth $599. It sold for 65x that! 

It was interesting comparing the price to today. $599 in 2007 would be $857 in today’s US dollar. Today an iPhone 14 retails for $799. So it’s ‘cheaper’ than it was at launch. 

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