A smart home connectivity standard, Influencers get limited, Design a home this holiday break

Smart homes are going to get a little smarter

The big makers are developing a “connectivity standard” to allow for better access between products.

At the moment you can quickly find yourself in a walled garden and struggle to get your voice assistant of choice to speak with your connected lights, switches, coffee makers, blinds or curtains.

While details are currently limited, the thinking is that basic features will be covered by this standard, but more specialized features will still require some proprietary connectivity.

Instagram is reining in the Influencers

They now won’t be able to promote vaping, tobacco products or weapons.

Facebook has already banned those same categories from appearing in display and video ads.

Next year, they’ll only show influencer posts about alcohol or diet supplements to people above a certain age.

My favorite app for the holiday break

The app that has me addicted this year is called Design Home. As the name suggests you style homes.

It uses real products from real brands. People vote for how good your designs are. It’s a little bit addictive. I personally think my design is much better than I get credit for.. 😛

Think of it as The Sims, without needing to deal with their annoying lives.

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