Elon Musk now second richest in the world; Amazon’s online pharmacy

Elon Musk’s wealth continues to grow

The SpaceX and Tesla founder has now surpassed Bill Gates, the former Microsoft founder, to be the second richest person on the planet. He’s worth $128 billion – increasing $100 billion this year alone. That’s largely thanks to Tesla’s $400 billion increase in market cap. SpaceX has also had a very successful year sending 6 astronauts to the ISS.

It should be noted that Gates would probably have more wealth than Musk if he hadn’t have given so much money to charity.

Amazon Pharmacy is yet another benefit for Prime subscribers

“Amazon Pharmacy” is licensed for dispensing in all 50 states. Prime members will also be able to get free two-day shipping.

You can use your health insurance, or they’ll have 80% discounts available on the retail price of generic drugs – which will likely cause some competition in the market. They’re making it easier to compare prices too.

Share prices of pharmacy chains fell on the news.

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