Twitter is a mess; Renewed calls for a TikTok ban

Twitter is a hot mess I just can’t look away from

It’s estimated 50% of the company has been fired via email. Employees are now suing the company for violating labour laws which in California require notification of large layoffs. Those effected had their access to email and Slack cut off, and their laptops wiped. Then got an email, to their personal email address, with more details on “next steps”. 

Elon Musk says Twitter has seen a drop in revenue since taking over, which makes sense because advertisers are worried about what content will be on the platform, or its stability, after layoffs. Twitter was also not a “must buy” from an advertising perspective, so is probably an easy decision to cut from media plans. 

FCC commissioner asks for TikTok to be banned 

He had previously called for Google & Apple to ban the app from their app stores – but that wouldn’t stop direct access because it’s also available on the web. The FCC has no power to ban TikTok but is drawing parallels to Huawei or ZTE.  

What we know so far: There is currently a negotiation in place between the US government’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the USA.
US user data is now sitting on Oracle powered servers in the US, but Bytedance hasn’t committed to cutting off data flows to China. The concern is that China’s government could use that data to track individuals – which could expose undisclosed military sites, real-time locations of US officials and their families, and more.

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