Facebook has invented.. Facebook; Xbox’s pricing announced

Facebook creates a specialty Campus app

When Facebook launched it was a service for students to connect with students – now it’s going back to its roots with a new product called ‘Facebook Campus”.

You’ll need a .edu email address to verify you are in fact a student. There’ll even be a “campus directory” for you to browse your classmates. It’s available in 30 colleges – but not Harvard, which is where it all began for Zuck.  

The new Xbox has a price

New Zealanders will be among the first in the world to get their hands on a new Xbox on November 10. 

There are two models:

Rival PlayStation is also expected to launch their new console in November but the price and release date is still yet to be announced. 

Artificial Intelligence used to mark tests, is not smarter than a 12 year old! 

As classes go online, so too do the tests. And one online service allows teachers to put down the red pen and kick up their feet while AI does the hard work of deciding if answers are correct. BUT, it only took one devastated 12 year old to fail his test to work out how to beat the system.

The AI wasn’t actually that smart and was really just looking for a series of keywords in the answer. So instead of writing just one or two sentences, he then added a third sentence of keyword related to the question and.. he got 100%!

AI is a buzzword of tech at the moment – many many systems aren’t actually more than a basic set of rules.. and this proves it! 

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