Facebook will pay you to get off Facebook, Laptops are selling like crazy

Facebook is researching its effects on the election

Facebook has partnered with a research group in the USA to study the effects that election information and ads have on people. They’ll be changing the experiences of Facebook and Instagram users to modify how much election content they receive and study the results. So of course, they need a control group and that group is being paid to shut off their accounts for a set period of time.  How much will you get? Well.. that’s up to you. The survey asked if you’d want $10, $15 or $20 to give it a pause – which also happens to be a super interesting data point to see how much people value the service they get.

Laptops are in very short supply

Schools, universities, workplaces — mobility is more important now than ever as people work from home or have a mixed work location schedule and laptops are key to that. So key, that they’re actually becoming difficult to find. Stock is limited across the USA.

Dell says that it can take time to source all the components needed, then of course they need to be built and shipped. That entire supply chain is stretched right now. 

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