Trump’s Tik Tok ban takes shape; Apple’s new Watch and iPad announced

If you want (or even might want) TikTok, download it while you can

The order from the Commerce Department will effectively force Apple & Google to remove the apps from their app stores on September 20, preventing new downloads, but allowing the service to continue for existing users. 

Apple’s platform is locked down to only allow downloads via the App Store, but Android’s allows for direct installs of apps but doing a direct install of TikTok or WeChat would be in breach of this directive.

It seems TikTok’s plan now is to spin off a new company called “TikTok Global” which will operate outside of China. The Chinese parent ByteDance will still own a stake, but it will partner with US tech companies – reported to be Oracle – to “be responsible for maintaining and operating the TikTok network in the US, which would include all services and data serving US consumers.” There’s also talk of this new company having a US government approved board.

Apple’s taken to the stage to announce new things

The big new feature of the Series Six Apple Watch is that it can detect the oxygen levels in your blood. Oxygen monitors flew off the shelves during the peak of the COVID crisis in NYC because although you might have been able to breath ok, it was the inside of people’s lungs being attacked and not allowing enough oxygen into the body. Now the watch can check in 15 seconds your levels and will do it periodically through the day and also as you sleep – detecting things like sleep apnea. 

The upgrade to the iPad Air has made it much more like the iPad Pro. It now has the same form factor and even has a USB-C connection. This has me crossing my fingers for the iPhone to go this route!

Apple Fitness also launched. On-demand workouts which you can do at home while the gym is closed due to COVID. Peloton’s shares fell on the news. Another example of the tech companies somewhat screwing over their development partners when they start to get some success.

Plus you can already download the 2020 version of OS for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch which will make your iPhone more like an Android with the introduction of widgets on the homescreen.

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