Gas prices spike and supply slows following hack; Clubhouse creates structured content

Hackers forced the closure of one of America’s vital fuel pipelines

Petrol stations ran dry after a massive oil pipeline connecting the Gulf Coast to large East Coast cities was forced to close. Hackers installed ransomware, taking data and locking people out of key systems. Bloomberg is reporting they paid a $5 million ransom to get their data back. The hackers weren’t able to penetrate the operating system of the pipeline, but it was forced to be closed because they had compromised the billing system.

This is another wakeup call for anyone with a business gathering any form of data. If you’re a small business owner, talk to your IT team about enabling multi-factor authentication wherever possible and look at ways to keep operational networks disconnected from your internet networks. Make sure your staff are aware they should always be on the lookout for phishing attempts.

Clubhouse is trying to create shows

Clubhouse started as an app to allow you to effectively be a talk back radio show host. It’s only been around a year, and it’s valued at $4 billion. The trouble with the app though is that when you open it up, you’re at the mercy of the live content at that very moment. Something fantastic might have just happened, but since it was live you missed it. So now they’re paying to create 50 ‘shows’ – giving selected ‘creators’ on the platform $5k a month to create.

I imagine they’ll try and schedule these so there is always something they like when you open the app. Facebook & Twitter have already launched their clones, which aren’t too bad.

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