Bring the office sounds to WFH, 2021 Emoji delayed, Webcam delays

Missing the office? There’s a site for that

The guy who whistles, the hum of the air conditioning, the small talk at the water cooler: the things we miss now we’re stuck at home! Well, you can get it all back thanks to

You can hear all those wonderful things.. you can activate the photocopier, hear people playing table tennis, squeaking their chairs and you can turn up how many people are in the office to get the experience just right.

COVID-19 has delayed new Emoji 

Usually each year there is a new batch of emoji released, but in 2021 that won’t happen. The Unicode consortium are the people behind the universal Emoji and it’s run by volunteers. They’re too overwhelmed with life to focus on emoji and picking what ones will be released.

The 2020 release though will still happen, so get set for a boomerang, a transgender flag, heart, lungs, a fly and more to be released soon. But then it’ll be 2022 before we get an update.

Webcams are out of stock

This was surprising to me because almost every laptop these days has one built in, but clearly there is a demand for external webcams. Maybe it’s because people are docking to their screens?

Sales for webcams are up 179%. Now there are are people selling them for inflated process on Ebay and the like.

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