Apple’s 2022 goodies

The line between the iPad & MacBook is blurring

The updated version of iPadOS will allow for overlapping windows in a workspace, much more like what you’d expect on a laptop. You can even plug it into a monitor and extend the display, like a laptop. Stage Manager is their new way to arrange and toggle between windows and it works the same way on both Mac & iPad.

MacBook Air has a new design

It’s stunning. They’ve made it boxier like the Pro, making it less of a wedge. It also comes with the M2 chip which just has the most incredible performance. True all day battery life.

iPhone as a webcam

You can mount your iPhone at the top of your MacBook and it’ll automatically connect allowing you to have a super high definition webcam. The wide angle lens also allows for a ‘desk view’ to show people something you’ve sketched out, printed out, or want to show off.

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