Internet Explorer has been retired; How to use Photoshop for free

Internet Explorer is no more

It’s the end of an era! Microsoft has officially ended support for the once-popular internet browser which many people used to explore the internet for the first time.

Microsoft Edge is their new browser – actually built on Google’s browser technology – and is steadily adding new features. Applications which will only run on IE will be able to run in Edge, using a compatibility mode. 

If people are still using IE in a few months, those users will see a banner directing them over to Edge.

Internet Explorer was 26.

Adobe plans to make Photoshop free on the web

A new online-only version of Photoshop is being tested in Canada, with plans to allow anyone, where to edit photos in their web browser.

Their plan is to make it more accessible, not to be nice, but to highlight the features of Photoshop in the hope you’ll upgrade to the full desktop version. 

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