Sheryl Sandberg is leaving Meta / Facebook

It’s a shakeup in the social media world

The 52 year old has been at the company for 14 years. She’s held an an unconventional COO role because she was usually the public face of the company. A COO usually is a very internal operations focused position. 

She’s been under investigation at Meta for using company resources to plan her wedding. Meta says that isn’t tied to why she’s leaving.

Reporting by the WSJ suggests she was burned out, tired of being a punching bag for the company’s many many problems and isn’t well suited to the metaverse.

She’s sold $1.7 billion dollars worth of stock over the past decade, putting her into a rare category of becoming a billionaire as a non-CEO and non-founder.

What’s next.. no word, but she will be keeping her seat on Meta’s board.

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