Talking Tech - October 31:
Find a bathroom on-demand; Tech giants still up, despite the pandemic

Wizz helps Uber drivers and other gig workers find a bathroom

There almost isn’t a type of service that isn’t available on-demand in the US.. getting a meal delivered, hanging a picture frame, restocking the booze cabinet, getting a lift somewhere.. but what do the estimated 55 million gig workers do if they’re out and about and need to go to the bathroom? Especially in a pandemic when lots of public restrooms are closed? 

Now they can open Wizz.

Whizz has been developed “by gig workers for gig workers” to not only help find them a restroom, but a meal too. They can use the app to get access to a nearby restaurant’s bathroom and get a discount on a meal for while they’re there. A win/win. 

The tech giants are still raking in the cash

What recession?! Just take a look at these numbers..

  • Alphabet’s Q3 revenue was up 14% on last years.
    YouTube alone bought in $5 billion. 
    Google made $46 billion in PROFIT last quarter.
  • Amazon made $2 billion more in Q3 than it did in Q3 of last year.
    Net sales reached almost $100 billion.
  • Apple’s Mac division and its services division are posting record revenues, but total revenues are flat.
    That quarter doesn’t include the usual iPhone bump due to coronavirus production delays.

Paul Stenhouse is the Technology Contributor on Newstalk ZB’s ‘Saturday Morning with Jack Tame’.

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