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  1. Spotify introduces Anchor: hosted music playlist radio shows

    Steve Ahern test drives the new Anchor function in Spotify. One of the big problems for personalities on music radio stations is that they can’t make podcasts that sound like their radio shows. View Original

  2. The Flight Goes Nowhere. And It’s Sold Out.

    People who miss flying are rushing to buy tickets for flights that land in the same place they depart from. In August, Nadzri Harif, a D.J. at Kristal FM radio station in Brunei, set foot in an airport for the first time in six months. The experience, he said, was exhilarating. View Original

  3. Millennials to redistribute wealth from older generations to the young in new ‘age of disorder’, warns Deutsche strategist

    So say goodbye to the “era of globalisation” and brace yourself for the “age of disorder” where millennials, firmly established as the generation of ‘have nots’, take their revenge and redistribute wealth from the old to young. View Original

  4. Why “no code operations” will be the next big job in tech

    In my role at Airtable, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of startups. When we meet, we sometimes talk about how they could be using Airtable, but more often than not, we’ll just talk about the business in general. View Original

  5. New York and San Francisco Can’t Assume They’ll Bounce Back

    Big cities are taking a big hit from the coronavirus pandemic. Statistics from employment search giant Indeed show that major U.S. metropolitan areas have lost a larger percentage of jobs, and have experienced greater rises in unemployment, than smaller metros. View Original

  6. How Harvard’s Star Computer-Science Professor Built a Distance-Learning Empire

    Gabriel Guimaraes grew up in Vitória, Brazil, in a yellow house surrounded by star-fruit trees and chicken coops. His father, who wrote software for a local bank, instilled in him an interest in computers. On weekends, when Guimaraes got bored with Nintendo video games, he programmed his own. View Original

  7. The Remaking of Comedy Central

    Sometime last year, Charlamagne Tha God took a meeting with Comedy Central execs and pitched them an idea for a talk show. “They did not get it — in any way, shape, or form,” the Breakfast Club host says. “I was told that they didn’t know where the funny was going to come from. View […]

  8. Newsonomics: The New York Times is opting out of Apple News

    The New York Times has decided to opt out of Apple News. On its own, that may seem like just one more move in the chess game between major news companies and the platforms. But it could also be an indication of a more geologic movement. View Original

  9. Now More Than Ever, Facebook Is a ‘Mark Zuckerberg Production’

    SAN FRANCISCO — On Jan. 27, at a regularly scheduled Monday morning meeting with top executives at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg turned the agenda to the coronavirus. View Original

  10. Wondering what’s safe as states start to reopen? Here’s what some public health experts say.

    As state and local governments begin to allow businesses and public spaces to reopen, you might be having difficulty deciding when and where to venture out. View Original