Critical security flaw in Windows patched; Branson blasts off Sunday

If you own a PC, you need to install a security update now  

The exploit is codenamed PrintNightmare because of a flaw in a pre-installed system application that manages the printer functions. It’s in every version of Windows. The bug allows someone to remotely take over your PC.

Microsoft has issued patches for all the latest operating systems as well as some of their older unsupported operating systems. Look out for the update and make sure you install it.   

Branson is off to space this weekend in his rocket plane

It’ll happen Sunday here, Monday NZ time but the exact timing hasn’t been announced. We just know that the live stream will start at 9am (1am NZT). Apparently we’ll be able to watch the whole thing from the comfort of our couch.   

Where does space begin though?

NASA says it starts 50 miles up which is where Branson is headed. However, the international standard is 62 miles up which is where Bezos is headed. So if Bezos is going to get up higher than Branson.. does that make him the winner? 

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