The Branson/Bezos space race; Lego ideas in a magic app

Battle of the billionaires

Richard Branson is going to beat Jeff Bezos to space!Virgin’s rocket-powered plane will now take Branson to space on July 11 — nine days before Bezos’s planned July 20th launch. It’s a change of plan that I’m sure will annoy Bezos. Bezos will blast off from earth’s surface though, where Branson’s rocket will be deployed from a plane in the air. Branson says when he gets back he’ll announce a plan to open “space for all” so more people can become astronauts. 

Parents with Lego.. here’s an app you need!

Stuck for ideas on what to create with your kids? Download the coolest app I’ve seen in a very long time. You tip your Lego onto the floor, the camera scans the pile, recognizes the pieces adn then suggests things for you to build – step by step!
It’s called Brickit. It’s not made by Lego, but by fans! Lego needs to make it official! 
It’s only for iOS right now, but will be coming to Android soon.

Trump’s former aid has launched a social media platform

It’s called “Gettr” and is basically a Twitter ripoff. It says it exists to fight cancel culture, promote common sense, defend free speech, challenge social media monopolies, and create a true marketplace of ideas. It sounds awful and at the moment just looks to be people doing lots of hashtags trying to get discovered and followed. 
Apparently this isn’t the social media service Trump is still planning to ‘solve’ some of these same problems.

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