What’s new with iOS 13?

Apple’s new iOS update has hit your phone

Clear some space and hit the install button, but beware there are some bugs and it’s not as polished as previous Apple releases.

If you do install, you’ll be getting:

Apple Arcade: For $5 a month you can get 100 games to play both online and offline.

Dark Mode: Turn all your apps to the inverse colour.. black backgrounds with white text. Apple’s core apps all support it and many of your favorite apps will too. 

A new keyboard: You can now swipe from letter to letter to make words rather than tap each key. Autocorrect works out what you’re trying to spell.

The new iOS 13 is a little buggy around the edges, so Apple has actually announced they’ll be releasing their next update – iOS 13.1 – about three weeks earlier than they typically do.

If you wait, then you’ll go straight from your current version to that release. That’s also when your new iPadOS is released too – September 24.

Facebook wants you to video call from your couch

They’re selling a new camera kit to add to your TV.

They launched a video calling system called the Portal last year right in the middle of the privacy scandals. They got a lot of heat for it then, but they’re continuing their rollout with a new product. If it wasn’t a FB product it would be probably be kinda cool.. the camera can follow oyu so you don’t need to stay in 

It’s a Portal camera for your TV…called, Portal TV(!). Think of it like a conference system you might use at work.. you attach the camera to the top of your TV and then use your screen to see the other person. You can contact people via FB Messenger and WhatsApp. It’s got Alexa built in too.

Paul Stenhouse is the Technology Contributor on Newstalk ZB’s ‘Saturday Morning with Jack Tame’.

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