Amazon wants to follow you, Facebook wants to read your mind

Amazon wants Alexa to follow you everywhere

Currently Alexa is built into smart speakers you can use in your home.. but Amazon wants to change that. They’ve launched a new line of wearables so you can take the always listening and internet connected microphone with you on the go.

Meet the Echo Buds – Bluetooth in-ear headphones with built in Alexa. They’ve partnered with Bose to offer noise cancelling. 

There are two “invite only” products too.. Echo Frames and Echo Loop. Frames are glasses which the answers to your questions are delivered to your ears using a small speaker near your ear. Loop is a ring. 

They’ve also updated their ‘at home’ devices too – -the Echo Dot, Echo Glow, Echo Studio, Echo Flex and more.

Facebook wants to read your mind?

No joke. They already kinda do it with their uncanny ability to target highly relevant ads at you but now they literally want to read your mind. 

They’ve spent almost $1 billion buying a startup which wants to use your brain to control devices. The device and decode spoken commands via brain waves. So instead of just thinking “I wonder how much an elephant weighs?” You could soon think it and then get the answer without doing anything.

Paul Stenhouse is the Technology Contributor on Newstalk ZB’s ‘Saturday Morning with Jack Tame’.

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