What you’ll find in Apple’s iOS14 & iPadOS 14

With iOS 14, your iPhone’s home screen is getting a major upgrade

Widgets are coming! So instead of just having a calendar app icon, you can now make it bigger and actually see your next appointment right there on your home screen. There’s a whole gallery of widgets with the ability to see the weather forecast, what song’s playing, news headlines and more.
Incoming phone calls won’t take over your entire screen anymore either.. because let’s be real, who is really using their iPhone to make calls? You’ll see the call is coming in, then choose how to act, rather than having it interrupt whatever you were doing.

Group messaging gets an upgrade

Messages will get some much needed love – including allowing for inline replies and more control over notifications. Now you can silence a group chat and will only get pinged if you’re mentioned.  

The Apple Pencil is becoming more powerful with the iPad. 

A new feature called Scribble will let you jot down notes, then Apple will recognize it as text so you can copy and paste it into other apps. If you write down a phone number or an address, you can click on that to call or see it in maps. 

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