Bezos richer post-divorce, Facebook’s push to wear masks, Removing race from tech vocab

Jeff Bezos’s wealth just continues to grow

Even though Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos gave up a quarter of his shares to his ex-wife in their divorce a year ago, he’s actually worth more than he was when he was with her.
Then, with 79 million shares, he was worth $153 billion dollars. Today, with 55 million shares, he’s worth $160 billion dollars. Amazon’s shares are a rocketship. 

Facebook is encouraging Americans to wear masks

It’s going to be a difficult task because the mask has become a political statement. Facebook and Instagram will both post messages at the top of their feeds to encourage people to cover their face when they’re out and about and to get official information from the CDC.

I’m a little disappointed because they don’t appear to be ‘smart’ notifications at all though. It would be more helpful if it gave you the message if FB detects you’re walking and leaving your home WiFi. Instead, it’ll just be there for you to scroll past or dismiss.

There’s a movement to remove race charged phrases from the tech vocabulary

It was started in 2014 but with the Black Lives Matter movement it’s picking up steam. Master & Slave, Blacklist and Whitelist – they’re terms we just don’t need to use anymore. Instead we’re better to use more descriptive terms that don’t bring racial history into them.

Twitter is working to also remove the term “man hours” from use too to simply be “people hours”.

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