Twitter shuts down a Wordle spoiler; Apple’s $124 billion quarter

Apple’s Christmas quarter was quite the gift

$124 billion in revenue – that’s up 11% on the past year; $35 billion in profit.

They’ve been hit by chip shortages, and have been forced to prioritize giving chips to iPhones over iPads.

They also revealed there are 1.8 billion active Apple devices in the world. For comparison, Google says there are over 3 billion Android devices in its Google Play Store ecosystem. 

“People don’t care about your mediocre linguistic escapades.”

Wordle – the puzzle game where users are given six tries to guess a five-letter word – has taken the world by storm. it was made by Josh Wardle for his friends and family but it’s taken off since it was made public in October.

People are taking to social media to post how they’re getting on with their puzzle which has annoyed some – so much so that one person has taken it upon themselves to build a bot to find those who are sharing their progress and ruin tomorrow’s word for them.

Twitter has decided it’s in breach of their ‘unsolicited mentions’ rule, and so have blocked it. 

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