The US Government’s COVID-19 test win; Netflix is having a rough start to 2022

Ordering free COVID tests was a breeze

The US Government is offering four free at-home COVID tests to each residence and ordering them was super simple – I’d describe it as one of the best interactions I’ve ever had with a government service.

To make it happen they tapped the resources of the US Postal Service.

The page was effectively a checkout page, with the product already selected, the price very clearly shown as free. You just needed to add your name and address and press submit. It was really that easy.

If only every service was that good! 

Netflix is having a rough start to 2022

First it’s annoyed customers in the US and Canada by raising prices around 11% making the basic plan $15.50 a month – which is the third time they’ve increased prices since 2019. They’re now one of the most expensive streaming services in the market.

Now the value of the company has fallen by almost a quarter in just a week. Massive content spend, increased competition and lower than expected subscriber growth is thought to be behind it.

Netflix is expected to spend $230 billion on content in 2022 – that’s only behind Disney and Comcast (who owns NBCUniversal and Sky in the UK). Their spending is probably only outpacing Netflix because they’re spending big money on sports rights to things like the NFL, NBA and Olympics.

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