Samsung’s new mobile lineup is out; Apple wants to stop Airtag misuse

Meet the Galaxy S22 range – the regular, Plus and new Ultra

The Ultra replaces the Galaxy Note and still comes with the stylus. It has five cameras – more than I’ve ever seen on a phone – and configured in a P shape. It’s got a crazy 108 Megapixel camera, and a 40 megapixel camera on the front.

You’re able to control every part of the camera and even get the raw files. All shoot video at 8K. There’s an updated portrait mode too, including ‘pet portrait’! It’ll find the faces of your favorite furry friends! .

The phones are getting tougher too – they’re all waterproof and have gorilla glass on the front and back.

Apple’s trying to deter people from using Airtags maliciously 

Almost immediately after launch, criminals started using Airtags to steal cars, or even track people.

It’s not the image Apple wants to project so they’re starting to make some changes. Now when people are setting up their Airtag there’ll be a warning message to tell people tracking people is a crime in many parts of the world and reminds them that law enforcement can request information about who owns the airtag.

Newer iPhones can also help you detect Airtags that don’t belong to you.

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