Breaking down your Uber passenger rating; Y2K 2.0

You can now see the data powering your Uber rating

Uber’s new privacy center shows you a lot more of the data they collect about you – including your rating as a passenger.

You can now see exactly how many 1-star rides are ruining your perfect 5-star score.

They’re also showing you how many rides you’ve taken, how many Eats orders you’ve made.. which makes for horrifying reading for some!

The web is facing a new Y2K style problem?

Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, is about to hit version 100, which could cause issues with websites and web applications. If the applications are looking at what the browser’s version is, and are expecting a two digit number, then those sites could break when they get three digits.

Microsoft Edge is built off the base of Google Chrome so will face similar problems.

The savvy developers have seen this coming and have been testing to make sure they’re good to go. 

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