Calculating your body fat via your watch; Delta ruining return to office plans

Samsung’s unveils the Galaxy Watch 4

There have been watches to track steps, to measure your heartrate, blood oxygen levels and now.. your body fat percentage. They call it ‘body composition’.

The tech is a shrunken version of the same sensors used already in smart scales or palm devices, and Samsung says its trials show it’s more accurate too. It works by sending a weak electric current into your body – known as bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) – which measures the amount of water you’re holding. Fat holds more water than muscle. It’s not a perfect measure, but beats out things like BMI.

Back to the office delayed.. again.

It was after July 4th, then September, some are now hoping for October. Facebook and Amazon are now pushing the return date back to January 2022. That’ll be 22 months working at home.

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