Amazon FireTV let’s you Zoom from the couch; Mandatory COVID vaccinations to return to the office

Zoom calls on your TV

The days of huddling around a laptop or propping up your phone on a table to chat with your friends is over. Finally you’ll be able to sit back on your couch and have a comfortable Zoom meeting! With Amazon’s FireTV Cube device, you can now plug in a webcam and use your TV as a Zoom display.  

There were ways to utilize your TV today, but it always involved a computer. With this, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to join your meeting and you’ll be connected.

This has been a massive gap in the market – and I’m expecting to see more in the space.

Tech companies are requiring vaccination for their employees

Silicon Valley’s tech companies are planning to reopen their offices to staff at the end of Summer and many of them will require everyone to be fully vaccinated. Facebook, Google and Lyft are some of the big names leading the charge. Just when the offices will be fully open though is still in flux. The Delta variant has already pushed back many September reopening plans to October.

What’s still unclear is what happens to those who are unvaccinated. Do they stay working from home? Or do they face disciplinary action for not turning up to the office?

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