Print the perfect lipstick; Apple’s ‘affordable’ monitor

Apple’s new chips are making their way across the product lines

This event saw the continued rollout of the new Apple chips across their devices – including into the iPad Air and the launch of the wildly powerful Mac Studio.

The screens on their phones, tablets and laptops have always been incredible and now there’s an affordable option for a high quality Apple monitor! Announced alongside the Mac Studio is the Studio Display which is a 27″ 5K monitor with an updated camera, three mics and six speakers. It’s around $2000, which is a steal compared to the Pro Display at $5,000 monitor and $1,000 stand.

It’s launch did see the death of the 27″ iMac though.

Print your own lipstick at home

Can’t decide which shade to buy? Now you can print them all at home.. and as you need them. This cool device from Yves Saint-Laurent prints lipstick.

You load the cartridges in the bottom of the device, use an app to select the color you want, and it’ll print it straight into a compact for you to apply now or take on-the-go.

You can take a photo of your outfit and the app will suggest lip colors for you.

Depending on what cartridges you select, it can produce between 1000 and 4000 shades.

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