Paying for Netflix; Microsoft Office starts thinking hybrid

Netflix wants you to have your own account you actually pay for

Currently you’re allowed to share your account with your household, but not anyone beyond that. In Chile, Costa Rica & Peru they’re testing what happens if they offer ‘extra viewers’ as sub accounts for a small fee.

Netflix has seen their subscriber numbers plateau, share price drop and content costs continue to soar.

Cracking down on password sharing might net them a new million more subscribers in the US alone.

Microsoft Office is adapting to the new hybrid work trends

Changes are rolling out to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint over the next six months to make flexible working a little easier.

In Outlook, you’ll be able to RSVP to a meeting as an in-person or virtual attendee, so the organizer knows what to expect.

Teams will have a new layout possibility to have remote people’s video at the bottom of the big screen, as well as having notes and the chat window viewable. There’ll also be new ‘in-room’ companion features you can use on your laptop.

PowerPoint will allow you to put live video into your slides, like picture-in-picture.

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