What’s coming to your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple is coming after Zoom

Lots of big changes to the FaceTime app, including the ability to schedule FaceTime for meetings. You can share the link with folks using Windows PCs and Android devices too and they can join through their browser – which is a big deal for Apple. 

They’re leaning into make FaceTime more friendly and more personal than Zoom with the ability to watch videos and listen to music with your friends and even text chat along at the same time.

Apple is up-ending the Ad Tech industry

Emails will no longer tell the sender if they’ve been read by blocking tracking pixels. They’re also offering burner email addresses so you can keep your real email address private.

The Safari internet browser will block trackers and make your browsing anonymous by running data through two proxy servers.  

Ad tech companies are going to find it harder to tie your different data together.  

You’ll be able to add an ID to your digital wallet 

Apple is partnering with states to offer the ability to store a secure digital copy in the secure chip in your phone. They’re working with the TSA to allow it to be used at airport security. 

You’ll soon be able to add your car key, office keycard as well as hotel keys.

Siri will no longer need the internet

Siri will be able to do many phone functions without sending the data to the cloud for processing. It’ll happen on your device which not only makes it super fast, it also is better for privacy. 

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