Introducing the iPhone 12 and HomePod Mini; Voting from overseas

Apple’s simplifying the iPhone range

There’s the iPhone and iPhone mini, then the iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max.

The major things to know.. 

The iPhone 12 Mini will start at NZ$349 and The iPhone 12 will start at NZ$1499. The iPhone Pro will start at NZ$1899 and the iPhone Pro Max will start at NZ$2099.

Also announced, the Apple HomePod Mini 

This will no doubt fly off the shelves. It’s a direct competitor to Google Home and Amazon Alexa speakers at a US$99 price point. The original HomePod was certainly aimed at the more luxury speaker market. It’s still a device closely tied into the Apple ecosystem, but it looks pretty cool.

It is so easy to vote from overseas!

And it’s not too late! You have until 7pm just like everyone back home. xYou simply confirm a couple of personal details, download your forms, print, fill them out alongside someone who witnesses you and then upload!

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