Paying with your palm; A new iPhone is coming

Shopping at Amazon’s stores without a wallet or even a device 

Amazon’s Go Stores are like magic – you scan your phone as you go in and then take things off the shelf and just walk out the door. But you need your phone to shop – so Amazon wants to remove that barrier. They’ve started to roll out a contactless palm scanner. It reads your unique lines and veins to know it’s you, then lets you in to shop and simply walk out without needing to checkout. Amazon doesn’t just see this as a payments technology, but as an identity technology.

Some experts say your palm print is better than using a fingerprint or facial recognition because it’s more hidden on your body so it is more difficult to take a copy to replicate or fake. This technology isn’t new – the doctor I go to uses it to verify you are you when you check in – but Amazon hasn’t said yet if this is the same tech or something new.

The 2020 iPhone is on its way  

It’s expected to be announced on October 13th so mark your calendars.

The pick is that it’ll have a new form factor, with three different sizes, 5G connectivity, will still use a lighting port and worn come with a charger or EarPods.

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