My experience with Covid-19; Facebook & Google & Australia go to battle

It happened. I got COVID-19.

I’ll probably never know where I got it from, but luckily it was a mild experience with flu-like symptoms. The worst part were the muscle aches and unshakeable low-grade fever. While I spent four days in bed, I spent most of the time sleeping. Glad to be over it!

Facebook & Google & Australia’s government battle over how to fund media

It’s a stupid law, trying to solve something the government shouldn’t be solving. Now Facebook and Google are going to pay for publishers to create “quality content”. Excuse me while I roll my eyes as “journalism” produces a story which is a series of reaction Tweets to royal rumors, or celebrity posted Instagram’s embedded in an article.

The media should have solved this problem themselves by investing in their businesses years ago.

There are also better ways to fund journalism – this isn’t it. /rant

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